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Snap on Smile

Snap-On Smiles can be customized to conceal a Variety of Cosmetic Concerns.

What is a Snap-On-Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a comfortable removable oral appliance designed to cover weakened teeth or replace missing teeth. It is an easy, custom made cost-effective way to enhance your smile’s beauty. The Snap-On Smile is created from very thin, durable resin that can be matched to the shade of your choosing so your smile will look natural and beautiful.

Why is a Snap on Smile needed?

Snap-on smile gives you the chance to attain beautiful teeth without any unnecessary, painful, or costly operations. It is an affordable option to a great smile; if you want to ever permanently fix the appearance of your teeth, you can always use snap-on smile until you are in the right economic place to do so. After implant placement, while you are waiting for the healing period, a Snap On Smile can be used.

I had a chipped tooth and was in a panic to get in somewhere to get it fixed. I called several dentist offices and no one could get me in any time soon. I called Carolina Smile and they got me in that same day and fixed my tooth in record time! Also I couldn’t believe how affordable they were! The staff and the dentist were so amazing and comforting. I am so glad I found them!!

Melissa Mitchell

Am I good Candidate for Snap On Smile?

Our dentist may recommend Snap-On Smile if you are looking for a solution to quickly and easily correct imperfections in your smile. Snap-On Smile can be used to improve the appearance of flaws such as:

  • Spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
  • Very worn teeth
  • Stained, yellowed, or darkened teeth
  • One or more missing teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

What to expect during the Snap on Smile Appointment?

After the initial consultation we will examine your teeth, decide if you are a candidate for Snap-on Smile, and if so, discuss whether you wish to have Snap-On Smile for your upper or lower arch. Dr. Seth will then take an impression of your teeth. Don’t worry… there is no pain, no shots and no drilling involved! Since each Snap-On Smile is custom made, Dr. Seth will send your impression to the laboratory to have yours made just for you.

At your second visit, approximately 3 weeks later, Dr. Seth will fit your Snap-On Smile and make any minor adjustments needed. After, you will be shown how to pop your new smile in and out, plus how to keep it looking good.

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