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Oral Sedation

What is Oral Sedation?

If you ever get nervous just thinking about going to the dentist, you are not alone. Perhaps you are scared the visit might hurt or you have not been in a while and not sure what the dentist will find. However, if your anxiety and fear is getting in the way of receiving the care that you need, it is time to consider oral sedation. Oral sedation involves taking a small pill prior to your appointment. This pill allows you to stay awake during the procedure, but you will experience a greater relief from anxiety and panic.

Why would Oral Sedation be needed?

You might benefit from oral sedation if you have been putting off coming to the dentist because of anxiety or fear. However, it is important that you take steps to improve your experience so that treatment is effective and easier for you. This can easily be done with the help of oral conscious sedation.

Who is a candidate for Oral Sedation?

Most of our patients are good candidates for oral sedation. Prior to providing you with any medication, we will go over your health and medical history. You should make arrangements to have someone bring you to and from the office. This is simply because you may feel too groggy or drowsy to drive yourself for several hours following the appointment.

What happens during Oral Sedation?

We will provide you with a small pill prior to your visit with us. We will instruct you when and how to take the pill. You can expect to feel relaxed during your procedure, but awake. This is ideal for patients who don’t want to be fully asleep for their dental care, but who still need to have the anxiety-reducing benefits of a sedative. The procedure will be done normally in the office while you are sedated. We then ask that you have a friend or relative who you can trust to bring you home from the office. It may take several hours for the effects of the sedative to completely wear off.

If you would like to learn more about oral sedation, call us today to speak with one of our friendly team members for further information.

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